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Immigration DNA Experts

Court Admissible DNA Testing

GenQuest is qualified to perform Court Admissible DNA Testing which follow the guidelines and standards for Relationship Testing as set forth by the AABB accrediting body. These tests may be performed for legal purposes, such as to add or remove a potential father from a birth certificate, to obtain or end child support payments, or for custody purposes.

Collections for Court Admissible DNA Testing must be performed by an unbiased third party.

GenQuest can arrange for DNA Collections from anywhere in the United States.
If participants reside near GenQuest’s location in Sparks, Nevada, they can arrange for their collection to be taken there.

Begin the process for a Court Admissible DNA Test by contacting us here, or by calling GenQuest at 775-358-0652 or 1-877-362-5227.

GenQuest DNA Lab does not have the authority to require participation in a DNA test.
If any participant refuses to be involved, GenQuest cannot proceed with Court Admissible DNA Testing.
In this case, a court order may be required to proceed.

However, GenQuest does perform Personal Knowledge DNA Testing for Informational purposes with Nonstandard Samples, which can be obtained from anything handled by other participant(s).
Learn more by visiting our Nonstandard DNA Samples page.

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