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Forensic DNA Testing

Many local and nationwide law enforcement and legal agencies have retained GenQuest to perform Forensic DNA Tests.

Plumas County Sheriff • Mineral County Sheriff • Carson City Sheriff

Washoe County Public Defender • Sacramento County Public Defender

Jackson County, Mississippi DA

Among the many cases for which GenQuest has performed Forensic DNA Tests are:

[one_fourth]Sexual Assault[/one_fourth] [one_fourth]Property Crime[/one_fourth] [one_fourth]Felon in Possession[/one_fourth] [one_fourth_last]Touch DNA[/one_fourth_last]

Forensic DNA Testing at GenQuest delivers:

  • Rapid Testing
    Unlike most crime labs, which often experience extensive backlogs in their workloads, GenQuest offers fast turnaround time with results usually complete within a few weeks vs. months.
  • Expertise
    With over 20 years of Forensic Testing experience, GenQuest’s analysts are thoroughly trained to handle a variety of cases.
  • Professional Service
    The knowledgeable staff at GenQuest are courteous and efficient, with an eye for detail, and are backed by extensive experience handling Forensic Cases.

GenQuest DNA Lab works closely with law enforcement and legal agencies to ensure that every test is conducted in accordance with ANAB Standards whenever possible.

Forensic DNA Tests offered by GenQuest include:

  • Biological Screening
  • Autosomal (STR) Testing
  • Male Lineage (Y-STR) Testing

While Forensic Tests are typically ordered through legal firms or law enforcement agencies, they can also be available to the public without the stringent chain of custody required for legal Forensic DNA Testing.
Visit our Identification and Infidelity page to learn more.

Submission of Forensic DNA Samples

GenQuest accepts buccal (cheek) swabs, blood cards and other items provided by the Office of Medical Examiners or Coroner as Reference Samples for a Forensic DNA Test.
While Evidentiary Items do not need to be submitted with a Reference Sample, there is no guarantee that an Evidentiary Item will yield a usable profile.

Questions about the ability of a potential sample to provide a DNA profile should be directed to GenQuest Analysts who can determine the likelihood of the sample producing a valid profile.

Visit our Nonstandard Samples page for more information on Evidentiary Items for DNA Testing.

Forensic DNA Test Pricing

As each Forensic Test is different, and tailored to the individual needs of the case, the customized nature of each testing process results in pricing that can vary widely.
GenQuest encourages contacting us to review the specifics of your case to properly assess the pricing for your Forensic DNA Test.

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GenQuest Forensic Legal Services

GenQuest offers Phone Consultations, Expert Witness, and Depositions for Forensic cases.