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Identification and Infidelity DNA Testing

Just as legal and law enforcement agencies look to Forensic Testing to help solve puzzling questions, private individuals also have the opportunity to explore Forensic DNA Testing for answers.

GenQuest provides Investigative DNA Testing to private individuals who may be searching for:

  • Proof of a Relationship, without both parties agreeing to a DNA test
  • Confirmation of Infidelity
  • Proof of Wrongdoing

As with Forensic Testing, Identification and Infidelity DNA Testing can be used to determine the presence of certain bodily fluids, or to obtain a profile from a stain or object to investigate suspicious activity.

Since these investigative tests do not fall under the scope of GenQuest’s ANAB accreditation, results determined from them cannot be used in a court of law. Visit our Court Admissible Testing page for more.
For information on Legally Admissible Forensic DNA Testing available to legal and law enforcement agencies, visit our Forensic DNA Testing page.

GenQuest’s Investigative DNA Tests Include:

  • Serological Testing for Detecting Semen, Blood and Saliva
  • Differential Lysis Extractions for Seperating Semen from Epithelial (Skin) Cells.
  • Autosomal (STR) Testing for Standard DNA Profile Comparisons
  • Male Lineage (Y-STR) Testing for Y-Chromosome DNA Profile Comparisons

Investigative Test Samples

Investigative Testing usually involves one or more nonstandard samples.
For information about the types of samples for submission for Identification and Infidelity Testing, please visit our Nonstandard Samples page.

If it is important to identify a particular person’s DNA on an item, a reference sample will need to be submitted. Reference samples are most often buccal (cheek) swabs taken from identified persons. If a reference sample cannot be obtained, then a second Nonstandard Sample should be provided.

There is never a guarantee that a Nonstandard Sample or evidentiary item will yield a usable DNA profile. GenQuest Analysts can help determine whether or not a profile might be obtained from a potential sample.

Investigative DNA Test Pricing

GenQuest works with private clientele to ensure that each Investigative DNA Test is tailored to individual needs. Due to the customized testing process of each case, pricing can vary.

GenQuest encourages contacting us to review the specifics of your case to properly assess the pricing for your Investigative DNA Test.
Testing typically takes 3-5 business days, depending upon the samples submitted for testing.

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