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Prenatal Paternity Testing

GenQuest performs Prenatal Paternity DNA Testing on an unborn child in conjunction with other prenatal medical testing, such as Amniocentesis or Chorionic Villas Sampling (CVS) used to determine genetic disorders.

While GenQuest does not test for genetic disorders, we can determine paternity by testing a small portion of the material collected during that medical procedure. Simply request that your collector retain a sample for Paternity DNA Testing by GenQuest.

Due to the calculated risk associated with Prenatal Testing, GenQuest recommends that this method not be employed for the sole purpose of verifying paternity, and should be done only when DNA material is obtained during other genetic medical testing of the unborn child.

To confirm only paternity, GenQuest advises collecting DNA with a non-invasive cheek swab on the child, as this process is safe even on a newborn.

Please Contact Us with any questions that you may have regarding Prenatal Paternity DNA Testing.