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Sexual Assault Kit (SAK) Testing

GenQuest DNA Lab offers Sexual Assault Kit (SAK) Testing for Law Enforcement Agencies.

Staffed with experienced Analysts, GenQuest provides quality, reliable testing delivered promptly and efficiently, even within tight deadlines.

Law Enforcement Agencies may enlist GenQuest’s testing services to reduce their SAK backlogs, as has been done by the Honolulu Police Department.

GenQuest uses their validated Y-screening approach for testing female victim SAKs.
Their Y-STR Testing process is frequently used on samples where male DNA is sought, but there exists an abundance of female DNA, such as in female underwear samples. Y-STR amplifies and examines only male DNA, which can sometimes be hard to detect.

With a range of amplification kits validated and ready, and the ability to customize testing and reporting to individual needs, GenQuest is poised to help Law Enforcement Agencies facilitate current Forensic Testing as well as clear burdensome backlogs.

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