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5 Easy Steps to Your Relationship DNA Test

1. Contact GenQuest DNA Lab

Our staff will expertly answer your questions and provide a quote along with turnaround time for any Relationship Test you require. If you order online, GenQuest will contact you to confirm your order.

2. Start Your Relationship DNA Test

To begin, we will ask for some basic contact information regarding your DNA Test type along with payment structure for your test. Upon receipt of your information and payment, you will receive your DNA Test Kit, and your DNA testing process will begin.

3. DNA Sample Collection

Upon initiation of your testing process, DNA from all participants will be collected. DNA Sample Collection is a safe, reliable and noninvasive procedure using cheek swabs.GenQuest can collect samples from participants across the United States.

For Personal Knowledge DNA Tests, samples can be personally collected by participants.For Court Admissible DNA Tests, GenQuest will arrange for a collection point near you with an unbiased third party, as required by law. Visit our Court Admissible DNA Testing page to learn more.

4. Testing of DNA Samples

Collected samples can be submitted in person or sent to GenQuest’s DNA Lab for testing, which usually takes five to seven business days. Our analysts process each sample using quality-controlled and established testing procedures as certified by the AABB.

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Extract DNA from the buccal swab.

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Perform polymerase chain reaction (PCR) on the extracted DNA to make billions of copies of the DNA.

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Analyze the PCR products on the ABI Prism® 3130 genetic analyzer to determine the alleles for each sample.

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Determine relatedness based on the identified alleles for each participant.

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Calculate the relationship index or the statistical measure of the relationship.

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*Allele – One or two or more alternative forms of a gene that arise by mutation and are found at the same place on a chromosome.


5. Release of DNA Test Results

GenQuest will release results to authorized recipients by email, standard mail or in person. Results will not be released by phone or to unauthorized persons. GenQuest staff will be available to assist you in interpreting your results.

For other test types, please refer to the individual testing pages.

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