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Cannabis Strain Identification Testing

Cannabis Strain Identification Testing

GenQuest DNA Laboratory now offers Cannabis Strain Identification Testing.

Short Tandem Repeats (STRs) used in human relationship and forensic DNA testing are similarly found in Cannabis Sativa.
GenQuest analyzes 26 alleles specific to Cannabis Sativa to generate a unique “DNA Fingerprint” exclusive to tested samples used as reference strains.

Cannabis Identification Testing is helpful in verifying the identity of a strain as well as determining the mother plants of a new hybrid.

With just a few milligrams of plant tissue, GenQuest can pinpoint Cannabis Identification through searching our database of dozens of strains and comparing to samples and reference strains to identify a match.

Samples May Be Submitted in the Form of:

Seeds         Leaves         Stems         Roots         Flowers

Testing only requires very small samples, and results are available within a matter of days!

GenQuest is an Accredited Relationship and Forensic DNA Laboratory, so you can be assured of accurate results that prove useful for a variety of Cannabis Strain Identification Testing applications:

  • Cultivation Clone Mix Ups
  • Strain Verification from Suppliers
  • Retail Inventory Management
  • Mother Plant Identification for New Hybrids
  • Source Identification

Get Started with Cannabis Identification Testing!

Currently, due to postal and delivery service regulations regarding the transportation of Cannabis, please deliver your test samples in person to our GenQuest Lab on Coney Island Drive in Sparks.

Call or email us today for additional information regarding sample submission and pricing.

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