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Nonstandard DNA Samples

Along with the more conventional cheek, or buccal swab, GenQuest DNA Lab offers DNA testing on nonstandard samples.

Nonstandard Samples are any kind of DNA Sample which is not a buccal swab or FTA blood card.

GenQuest Recommends These Non Standard Samples:

To submit hair samples, you will need to pluck directly from the head several strands with roots attached.
Contact GenQuest for information regarding any other nonstandard samples you are considering submitting for DNA testing.

Due to the nature of Nonstandard DNA Samples, there is no guarantee that your sample will yield a usable profile.

To increase the chance of obtaining a usable Nonstandard DNA Sample, never store a sample in a plastic bag or airtight container.

Instead, place your DNA sample in one of the following:

  • Paper Envelope
  • Paper Bag
  • Cardboard Box

Always handle DNA samples with gloves to avoid contamination.
Always store in a cool, dry area.

Place samples in paper envelopes, bags or cardboard boxes, and ship dry to avoid DNA degradation, which can result in loss of potential evidence. Never place a sample in a plastic container, as that, too, can lead to degradation.

If there is a specific area on the sample that should be tested, please identify with a marker or tape surrounding the area, or include written direction regarding the location to be tested.

Nonstandard DNA Samples can be submitted for both informational and court admissible testing purposes, and results obtained by GenQuest DNA Lab will remain confidential.

Court Admissible DNA Testing on Nonstandard Samples requires a chain of custody from a neutral third party. Visit our Court Admissible DNA Testing page to learn more.